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La Geisha Tattoo Clinic has 25 years of experience, specialization diplomas and certifications approved by the Ministry of Health of the Spanish Govermment and the Ministry of Health of the Andalusian Govermment according to decree 286/2002 of November 26 with registration number H/007 and actual decree 71/2017 of June 13, 2017 (Boja nº 116 dates June 20, 2017 


25 years Experienced Professionals

In addition to a recognized and long history of 25 years of experience, we have multiple diplomas and certificates of each specialization


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At La Geisha Tattoo & Piercing Clinic we make you feel ike you are from our own family in the warmth of your home


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We have a proffesional on call by appointment


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Even If we have little time, we make the effort to give you a gap between client and client so that you can carry out your favourite treatment 


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Walk-ins are welcome. If you need an urgent treatment, we will be happy to assist you


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We offer you prices adapted to all budgets. We also give you multiple possibilities with infinite prices

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We Use All Disposible Material For Single Use

We guarantee all our clients maximum security using all disposable materials and the use of autoclaves and sealed material


All material is for single use sterilized, packaged and sealed


All the material is sterilized and sealed


All the material that is not for single use is sterilized by means of the autoclave


All surfaces are protected with suitable equipment for this, which is discarded after finishing with each client

One use material

All material is sealed, for single use and inmediately placed in an approved disposal container


Todo el material que no es de un solo uso se esteriliza por medio del autoclave

We Take Care Of Your Health and Your Aesthetics 

Because at The Geisha Tattoo & Piercing Clinic we care that you make the best decisions

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«Hugh inked my first tattoo two months ago, and I love it as much today as I did the day I had it done. I had travelled to Marbella from Denver, Colorado, USA for an academic program at The Globe, and I wanted something to commemorate and remember my once-in-a-lifetime trip. I had done my research prior to leaving the US, and decided on La Geisha Tattoo based on its reviews and lovely art works. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Everyone at La Geisha was wonderfully professional and I was in awe at some of the truly artistic work being done that day. Since returning to the US, I have had nothing but compliments on Cristina´s work. Everyone who sees my tattoo comments on Cris brilliant line, geometry work and expert dot shading. I highly recommend Cris from La Geisha to anyone for their first (or second, third …) tattoo. Tattoo deluxe cream they have gave me helped for inmediate healing, is 100 percent vegan replacement for all petroleum based products, smells great, doesn’t clog pores, keeps my tattoo black ink clean and bright. With luck, I will be back one day. After my wonderful experience at Geisha tattoo, I can’t imagine getting another one anywhere else. I am really pleased I chose Geisha tattoo .So massive thank you for her and mum!»

Collins Jason


«Absolutely LOVE and RESPECT Cris Tattoo Art. The attention to DETAILS is AMAZING and the outcome is FABULOUS. Real THOROUGH PROFESSIONAL and EXTREMELY HYGIENIC service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Very positive energy in the team, family vibes. Very structured and CLEAN preparation. Making sure the client is comfortable at all times. Flexibility in terms of listening to client vision. Cris the artist did not forget her own needs and ensure a focuse energy. Cris is my GODDESS!!! Not sure what you want or where? LA GEISHA TATTOO CLINIC is definitely the place to go. They also have the best aftercare cream for tattoos TATTOO DELUXE CREAM. Is completely vegan-friendly, with only the most natural and organic ingredients included, and is totally peUtroleum free. Super useful when applied to a new tattoo by improving healing quality and speeding up the whole healing process and yet completely safe to use even after the healing process has finished and also you can use this AMAZING cream for permanent make up and tattoo removal.The tattoo and the piercings they did to me, make me UNIQUE, make me feel SPECIAL and make me feel CONFIDENT. The tattoo and the piercings done by La Geisha make me feel PURE LOVE for my body. MANY THANKS  and may your life journey be blessed.They have the best, they are THE BEST!!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Aiden Ackerman


Our Mission:We Make Possible The Impossible With No Pain And Lots Of Love

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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