All scars are considered unsightly because the unformed dermal-epidermal tissue never replaces the normal one with the same elements and the same previous characteristics.

The problem of the scar is solved with the means that we have at Clinica La Geisha Tattoo.

The scar must be considered in case it is an injury that it is necessary to try to erase, as they are unsightly due to their shape, color and thickness.

Due to their shape, they can be hypertrophic, adherent or retractile, atrophic and defined.

Due to their color they are: congestive, hyperchromic and achromic.

Reconstructive micropigmentation is a technique developed by La Geisha Tattoo Clinic that can be cited as a complement to dermatology and cosmetic surgery, in terms of repair and reconstruction of the affected skin in a totally NATURAL way.

It is an implantation technique where all the parameters are regulated.

It requires a professional where the parameterized technique and the use of high-tech machinery together with the PIGMENTS OF NATURAL SKIN COLORS allow the production of very natural effects with very satisfactory physical and psychological results.







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