At Clínica La Geisha Tattoo we can carry out this type of treatment as we have exclusive techniques and machinery adapted for this purpose.

They are very complicated treatments to perform but thanks to our 20 years of experience, our dedication and our continuous advances in techniques, materials and machinery, we can perform any type of repair, camouflage or removal in any type of aesthetic defect both facial and body.

We have many cases of natural breast reconstruction, some of which are as follows:

-Camouflage of peri-aureolar scars

Scars around the areola after breast augmentation or breast reduction surgeries, or for internal cyst removal, can be visually unpleasant. By simulating the color of the areola, the scar becomes imperceptible.

-Reconstruction of the areola with the impression of a nipple with volume 

A lack of breast areola can occur from a complete or partial mastectomy due to the presence of a cancer.

Tattoo reconstruction of the areola is a non-surgical way to create the natural appearance of the breast.

-Grafting areola re-growth

Surgical reconstruction of the nipple and areola leaves the areola pale and unnatural looking. The simulation of the color of the areola undoubtedly offers a much more natural image.

Confidence and comfort come when you need them most and both overwork and family burdens have disrupted daily life.


A woman’s maturity is characterized by the satisfaction and esteem that comes from still feeling attractive in the eyes of others.

When you have your areola and nipple reconstruction done at Clínica La Geisha Tattoo all the feelings of wellbeing appear as we make the portrait of real areolas that look totally natural. This is called FREEDOM

With our exclusive reconstruction technique we have achieved the perfect design in relation to the characteristics of your anatomy

We reconstruct and fix both male and female areolas and nipples with defects, scars, stains, whether they are very small or very large

-Aesthetic enhancements

Areolas that are too small and/or too pale can also be corrected with our techniques to give a much more natural and aesthetic look.





Delicate and elegant works «without pain and with lots of Love».

We are women, feminine with our own charm, active people who live driven by today’s rhythm and needs who want to bet on our intellectual, emotional and physical beauty but do not want to be slaves to it and spend all our time watching our appearance.

Micropigmentation, although it does not have to replace conventional makeup, does allow us to bring out the best in ourselves at any time of day.