Natural Micropigmentation in La Geisha Tattoo Clinic is the art and science of implanting colour into your skin to look younger, natural, elegant and beautiful for longer time.

Today more and more women are opting for the convenient of a wash and wear face, with eyebrows, and lip color that won´t wear off.


Natural Micropigmentation with the professional artist of La Geisha is the perfect solution for the busy and/or athletic women or men,  women or men with allergies to conventional make up or those with trouble seeing to apply make up.

Its great for women or men who have kids , run businesses, travel, are on the go from morning to night. It’s a relief for women or men who are arthritic, or whose eyesight is diminishing.


Our clients are not vain—just the opposite. Many have lost most of their eyebrows, their lip line has eroded over the years or their eyes look tired when that isn´t how they feel.

They don´t want to be a slave to the mirror, worrying that  they have accidentally wiped their eyebrows off, that their liner is giving them dark circles under their eyes, or that their lip color has disappeared during the day.

They want to look the way they like to look, without having to think about it. Most of our clients desire a natural look—an enhancement of their eyes, a natural-looking colour in their lips, an attractive framing of the eyes with the brows.

Natural Micropigmentation with the professional at La Geisha helps give back what time has taken away and saves you precious time you normally spend `putting on your face´.

You can save countless hours in a single year that were formerly spent struggling to draw eyebrows evenly or eyeliner half-way straight… that´s a lot of extra free time!

Plus, imagine the money you´ll save not buying expensive cosmetics that rub off, smear, smudge and disappear during the day.


Is not intencion to replace cosmetics completely. Because the color is placed `in´ your skin and not “on´´ your skin a more natural softer look results. When you´re ready to kick up your heels and go out for a night-on-the-town or want a different look, you can apply as much additional makeup as you wish.

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We have been open to the public for 30 years and we are very proud of it. Thank you very much for your continued support. We feel very protected by all our clients. For many more years!!