Using the best technology in the industry, the tattoo removal experts at La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic are able to remove most tattoos to completion. As you can see, we have the ability to completely remove all ink colors on all patient skin types in/from only two sessions.

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We removal tattoos, lips permanent make up, eyebrows permanent make up, eyeliner permanent make up and microblading

Be wary of the tattoo results shown on competitor’s websites. Others show results not actually achieved at their clinics or, even worse, show airbrushed images. 100% of the pictures below show un-airbrushed results actually achieved at La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic

Have you got a tattoo that you want to get rid of? Or do you need it faded to get a cover up tattoo? We use the latest and exclusive tattoo removal technique and hight technology equipment and are confident that you will get one of the best consultations and aftercare advice available.

Superior Technology

La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic invests in the best technology to provide unparalleled results for our patients and to achieve ideal tattoo removal results.

The treatment benefits of our tattoo remvoal equipment and techniques include:

  • High Power = Faster Removal Results

  • Short Pulse Duration = Minimized Pain and Side Effects

  • High Repetition Rate = Faster Treatment Times

  • Even Energy Application = Safe for All Skin Types

  • Triple Wavelengths = Treats All Colors

La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic invests in superior technology to provide unsurpassed tattoo removal results for our patients.

We know that our friendly staff and relaxing environment matter to your tattoo removal experience, but that the removal results are the most important reason for why you would choose to come to La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic– that’s why we choose to use the best and exclusive technology available.

Equipped to Treat Any Tattoo

Our tattoo removal techniques and equipments is an advanced, high-powered machines specifically designed to provide impressive tattoo removal results. It can treat the full spectrum of colors and is safe to use on all skin types.

For difficult-to treat tattoos, La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic features this hight tech equipment for treating blue, green, and resistant black inks.

and can effectively remove and fade every tattoo color available.

Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Results

La Geisha Tattoo & Piercing clinic also proudly uses non painful techniques and chiller to blast cold air at the tattoo treatment area before, during, and after treatment for increased patient comfort using to numb deep into the skin where ink is located. La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic patients rave about the instant cooling effect and the decreased sensitivity during treatment.

Because our non painful techniques makes the tattoo removal procedure more comfortable for patients, La Geisha Tattoo & piercing clinic is able to treat tattoo ink more aggressively than other clinics – ensuring that we remove your tattoo in fewer session

Book in your consultation. Now you have the second session for free! We would love to hear from you. Many thanks and welcome!

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