La Geisha Micropigmentation Clinic is the most trusted, most highly regarded name in permanent makeup.

Our Permanent Cosmetic Clinic is the leader in Micropigmentation and Permanent Cosmetics serving in Marbella, Málaga, Andalucia, Madrid, Barcelona, England, Norway, France, Germany,Sweden,all  rest of Europe,United States, Russia and United Arab Emirates.

La Geisha Micropigmentation Clinic is the most experienced Permanent Cosmetic Clinic, and thousands of satisfied clients in Spain and Internationally.

Clients fly to La Geisha Micro Clinic from all over to get the perfect brows, eyes, lips, areola & nipple reconstruction,scars covered and hair reconstruction.

         exclusive technique in our clinic    

High profile clientele is always assured anonymity,  as we have built a reputation in Marbella, Spain and Internaitonally for quality and natural looking results.

Our technicians are respected masters in Natural Micropigmentation with a full concentration on this one focus.

La Geisha Tattoo, Piercing & Micropigmentation Clinic is the most heavily endorsed and highly recommended permanent makeup clinic by medical professionals and many of the top cosmetic surgeons in Spain and Internationally.

Natural Micropigmentation is a breakthrough procedure that enhances the appearance of eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, scalp as well as areola and nipple reconstruction, camouflages scars and other skin problems and discoloration.

Natural Micropigmentation lasts up from 3 to 10 years.

It is has much more natural looking results than other permanent makeup or tattooing.

The results are so natural that both men and women wear it. The procedure only takes an hour or two hours per session.

Reconstruimos labios femeninos y masculinos con defectos, cicatrices, o muy oscuros

Volumen óptico con color natural de la mucosa

Efecto 3D. Reconstrucción con relleno de color

Despigmentación de la mucosa oscura para obtener un color sonrosado

Reconstrucción del labio completo, delineado y relleno a todo color

Efecto 3D. Volumen óptico. Eliminación de cicatrices. 

Reconstrucción completa del labio. Volumen óptico natural

Efecto 3D

We are able to do many different shapes and styles. We  can use lighter to darker colors to suit the client.

Delicate and Elegant works «without pain and lots of love»

The culture of the image has also been installed in the masculine mentality. It is obvious that today, not only in the world of television, cinema and fashion, man must take care of his appearance.

In the managerial positions where communication with other people, companies and institutions is essential a jovial image and a healthy and full of energy aspect is being taken into account in the personnel selection process.

 Regarding micropigmentation in man, the optical capillary repopulation in cases of incipient alopecia, or camouflage of scars on eyebrows and lips, as well as the optical thickening of the volume of the eyelashes and lips, are clear examples where meet the natural requirements of the male public

Volumen óptico con color natural de la mucosa

Efecto 3D. Reconstrucción con relleno de color

Reconstrucción labial completa. Corrección de defectos

Volumen óptico efecto de labio natural 3D

Delineado y relleno con color efecto maquillaje

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We are women, feminine with our own charm, active people who live driven by the rhythm and current needs that we want to bet on our intellectual, emotional and physical beauty but we do not want to be slaves of it and spend all our time to monitor our appearance.

Micropigmentation, although it does not have to replace conventional makeup, if it allows us to highlight the best of ourselves at any time of day.